Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Road Home....

From: "will stackman"

Subject: Quicktake - "The Road Home..." by Marc Wolfe

Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2006


     The last time he was in town, OBIE winner Marc Wolfe got an IRNE award as Best Solo performer for "Another American; Asking and Telling." This time his patriotism has led him to consider 9/11/02, by way of a 7,000 mile journey from Seattle back to New York. "The Road Home; Re-membering America" is made of his interpretations, without costume changes or special props, of conversations he recorded along the way. Through Wolfe we meet West Coast radicals, a Native American, a raucous German hitchhiker, a Muslim Public Health Service dentist in Mississippi, a Maylaysian mystic at an ashram, and a New York architectural critic, among others. At end Wolfe still has some magic beans given him by Eartha, the daughter of a hippie from Redwood California. He hasn't planted them yet, but this show is perhaps preparing the soil.

The HTC production was directed by David Schweizer, best known for radical opera productions. Working with Wolfe must be almost a vacation. Scene designer Andrew Lieberman whose also done a few operas takes advantage of the Wimberley's facilities to create a deceptively simple set and together with Peter West's lighting provides projected backdrops and signage to move things along. Robert Kaplowitz provides an effective soundscape and original score. "The Road Home..." , like Soans' "Talking to Terrorists" which Sugan is playing next door in the Plaza, is yet another example of how verbatim material from real-life situations is being transformed for today's theatre, using the particular skills of the artists involved.

"The Road Home; Re-membering America" by Marc Wolfe, Mar.24 - April 30

HTC at BCA Wimberley

527 Tremont, (617) 266 - 0800


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