Friday, March 24, 2006

A More Perfect Union

From: "will stackman"

Subject: Quicktake - "A More Perfect Union" by Kirsten Greenidge

Date: Thurs, Mar 23, 11:38 PM


     Company One's current show, "A More Perfect Union" written by Kirsten Greenidge, is theatrical collage in the style they've developed. This show's in conjunction with the Boston Arts Academy, directed by Juanita A. Rodriguez from that high school's faculty., and funded in part by the Surdna Foundation.About half of the cast are Boston Academy students playing various young people. The script weaves together several contemporary storylines; a lost twelve-year old Katrina refugee, a Moldovan mother searching for her daughter who's been forced into prostitution, a CNN stringer sent to jail for leading a protest, an angry half-Hispanic cop and his idealistic half-Irish sister, and of special interest to the students, the case of Obain Ottouoman, a Boston math teacher from Ivory Coast being deported over an immigration technicality.

     The first act, complete with multimedia projections, is somewhat muddled, but everything becomes clearer by the end of the show--and a trifle preachy. However, the action is continually interesting, the acting is energetic and believable. Doublas Theodore(seen above) is very creditable as Obain, Our Place stalwart David Curtis is Coop the CNN reporter, and Mary Driscoll is convincing as the distraught Moldovan mother. Tina Do and Damean Hollis show up between scenes as typical teenagers, a kind of comic chorus. Eladio Banks, who participated in the demonstrations supporting Obain, is the luckless prep school guy who runs afoul of Raymond Ramirez's angry cop.

     Technical support is impressive, with an multilevel unit set by Mark Buchanan, responsible for the lighting as well. Video projections by Joseph Doullette and abstracted costumes by Jennifer Varekamp give the show a unique look. The end of the script seems a bit abrupt, as if development weren't quite complete. If Company One does indeed take this show to the Edinburgh Festival, perhaps that can be remedied.

"A More Perfect Union" by Kirsten Greenidge, March 9 - April 1

Company One at Plaza Black Box

BCA, 539 Tremont, (617) 933 - 8600
Company One


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