Monday, March 20, 2006

"How I Got the Story" Review

written by by Amlin Gray

Reviewed by Will Stackman

    One of the better shows of the winter season, which too few people saw, was Nora Theatre's presentation of Amlin Gray's tragic farce "How I Got the Story," which won an Obie in 1981. This "nightmare comedy" is a parodic look at the Vietnam conflict through the eyes of a naive Reporter from Dubuque. That part was taken by Chris Thorn, A B.U. grad who's been seen here and in NY. All the other parts-some 20 or so under the rubric of the Historical Event--were played by John Kuntz, clearly in his element in such a production. While clearly a comment on that previous war, the show is still resonant, if only to remind the audience that it's deja vu all over again, the same only different.

    Daniel Gidron directed the piece with his typical acumen, letting the actors make the most of their comedic talents. The set, a series of wire mesh doors from which the actors removed furniture and props as needed, was by Christine Tedesco with effective lighting by John R. Malinowski. Dewey Dellay provided the necessary soundscapes and music. It's hard to imagine what kind of farce will be written about the current conflict, and perhaps that's why this somewhat dated effort didn't draw. But local theatre seems to be stepping up to the plate, with Sugan doing "Talking to Terrorists", a rather serious piece, down at the BCA. Nora's final show of the season will be "The Man Who..." which will run at BPT April 20 through May 7.

Boston Playwrights', 949 Comm. Ave.
closed Mar. 19th
for info contactThe Nora Theatre Co.


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