Sunday, March 19, 2006


From: "will stackman"

Subject: Quicktake - "Talking with Terrorists" by Robin Soans

Date: Sun, Mar 19 12:21 AM


     Anyone bemoaning the lack of international political awareness on the Boston stage should get down to the BCA for the American premiere of Robin Soans' "Talking with Terrorists" presented by Sugan. This verbatim docu-drama juxtaposes IRA and Loyalists, African child soldiers, the Palestinian intafada, Kurdish nationalism and Iraq plus a few British politicians. Eight talented actors shift between the former and the latter, playing overlapping scenes against an emblematic set created by J. Michael Griggs. Carmel O'Reilly has once again created a strong theatrical statement from a script hot off the London stage.

    It may be too much to hope that some playwright in this country will adopt the same technique to chastise our government for its gross shortcomings so far this millennium. "Stuff Happens" will open soon in New York. A play by Elizabeth Wyatt based on Rachel Corrie ran in January at Boston Playwrights. The Theatre Coop has Barbara Jordan recreated on its stage at the moment, and Company One is once again taking on current issues in the Black Box next door. But where's the response to the soon to be 3000 servicemen and women killed in Iraq, not to mention ten times as many Iraqis, and the continued bumbling and fraud in the aftermath of the Gulf Coast hurricanes. Plus out of control oil prices, etc., etc., etc. Jimmy Tingle can't do it all by himself, and much of it isn't really a laughing matter.

"Talking with Terrorists" by Robin Soans, Mar. 17 - April 8

Sugan Theatre Company in Plaza Theatre, BCA

539 Tremont, (617) 933 - 8600
Sugan Theatre Company


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