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From: "will stackman"

Subject: Quicktake - "FeverFest06" hosted by Whistler in the Dark

Date: Sat, August 26, 2006 11:15 PM

Quicktake on FEVERFEST06

     The Whistler in the Dark company gathered the majority of the “experimental” theatre groups together for an end of summer event in spacious Durrell Hall at the Camb. YMCA. There was some overlap in casting and something of a general theme involving love and loss. Whistler presented two short plays of their own, Deborah Levy’s feminist exercise, “The B File”, directed by Meg Taintor and Howard Barker’s “Don’t Exaggerate, subtitled “A Political Statement in the Form of Hysteria,” directed by Ben Fainstein. Taintor appeared in the latter while Fainstein took part in Dangerous Animal’s movement piece, “Seal Skin,” directed by Caleb Hammond.

    Mill6 resurrected two memorable Theatre Marathon pieces, Larry Blamire’s sketch about slow service, “My Name is Leslie” directed by Antoine Gagnon and John Edward O’Brien’s “10 Minute Clinic”, directed by Kathy Maloney, both with the same cast including Rough & Tumble regulars. Alarm Clock presented Brian Polak’s chilling monodrama, “Bombs and Manifestos” directed by Daniel Bourque, featuring Steve Johnson as a deranged street musician—of sorts—down in the subway. Imaginary Beasts—formerly the Iron-Rail Company from Lynn Arts—did a scene from their recent “Good Witch/Bad Witch” called the “Dream of a Good Witch” directed by Cathy McLaurin featuring Lorna McKenzie using a mask and a complex costume assisted by Jennifer O’Connor.

     All the pieces were interesting in their own right, though several seem too long for such a program. Tech was minimal as befitted a one day event. If the cooperation between these companies can be extended to promotion of their efforts during the season, “Fringe” activities may receive the attention they are coming to deserve once again. Especially since the Theatre Coop is on hiatus and the Rehearsal Hall at the BCA is becoming too expensive for most companies.

"FeverFest06" hosted by Whistler in the Dark, Sat. Aug. 26

Whistler in the Dark, Dangerous Animal, Alarm Clock, Mill6, Imaginary Beasts at Durrell Hall

Camb YMCA, Mass. Ave. Central Sq.
Whistler in the Dark


Blogger YS said...

Thanks for doing the rundown of Fever Fest. I thought the program was a little longish as well.

My thoughts, limited as they are are on my blog.

Barker, Ehn, Sarah Kane, etc., definitely intrigue me, but I admit that after having seen productions of all three and read their texts, I still feel like the party is down the block. (Maybe that is the point.)

We cannot deny their current influence though, and so I welcome more and more of these types of experiments.

10:09 AM  

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